Dr. Zoltán Spiró

Dr. Zoltán Spiró

Post-doc – Cancer Pharmacology

PhD in Molecular Life Sciences, EPFL (Switzerland)


Extracellular vesicles are membraneous structures with the size of ~100 nanometers released by various cell types facilitating intercellular communication. Engineering these vesicles to enable targeted delivery of therapeutic cargo holds promising opportunities in the field of Oncology. I am developing techniques in order to utilize extracellular vesicles as drug delivery vehicles.


Dr. Barbara Drobits-Handl

Dr. Barbara Drobits-Handl

Principal Scientist, Cancer Pharmacology and Translational Research

PhD in Inflammation and Immunity, Medical University of Vienna (Austria)

Research interests:

  • In vivo pharmacology – profiling of NCEs and NBEs during early phases of drug development
  • Evaluating cancer cell-directed and immuno-oncology therapeutics (in mono- and/or combination therapy) utilizing different mouse cancer models
  • Engineering of extracellular vesicles for targeted drug delivery