Dr. Stefanie Schlager

Dr. Stefanie Schlager

Post-doc – Biomarker and Translational Research

PhD in Metabolic and Cardiovascular Disease, Medical University Graz (Austria)


Evaluate a new therapeutic treatment option by a novel class of BCL6 compounds, which not only lead to inhibition but also degradation of BCL6. Diffuse Large B-Cell Lymphoma (DLBCL) is the most common type of B cell lymphoma. The transcription factor BCL6 is a known oncogene in DLBCL that represses gene transcription through the recruitment of co-repressor proteins via its BTB domain. The BTB domain of Bcl6 has been shown to be highly druggable by small molecule inhibitors.

Kerres N, Steurer S, Schlager S, Bader G, Berger H, Caligiuri M et al (2017). Chemically induced degradation of the oncogenic transcription factor BCL6. Cell Rep (12):2860-2875.

Schlager S, Salomon, S, Olt, S, Albrecht C, Ebert, A et al (2019). Inducible knock-out of BCL6 in lymphoma cells results in tumor stasis MCR: submitted


Dr. Vittoria Zinzalla

Dr. Vittoria Zinzalla

Scientific Director – Pharmacology and Translational Research – Cancer Research

PhD in Cell Biology, University of Milano-Bicocca (Italy)

Research interests:

  • Biomarker discovery with focus on cancer cell directed and immunotherapies in early stage drug development
  • Genomics, molecular biology, experimental pathology
  • Oncology drug discovery