Dr. Anastasia Zakharyuta

Dr. Anastasia Zakharyuta

Post-doc – Drug Discovery Sciences

PhD in Biological Sciences and Bioengineering, Sabanci University (Turkey)
Master in Material Science and Engineering, Sabanci University (Turkey)


Development of printable formulation types for preclinical studies, aiming enhancements such as well-defined physicochemical properties, precise dosage, efficient active ingredient combination opportunity, and release rate control. These studies constitute a foundation to explore opportunities of pharmaceutical printing for clinical applications.


Dr. Achim Grube

Dr. Achim Grube

Principal Scientist, Laboratory Head Drug Discovery Sciences

PhD in Chemistry, Helmholtz Center for Polar and Marine Research (Germany)
Degree in Pharmacy, Technical University Braunschweig

Research interests:

  • Polymer based formulations for parenteral applications
  • Targeted nano-particulate formulations
  • Printable formulations