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22 January 2016

Win your inner struggle – health for employees

Movement is healthy, but getting yourself to move is often tough. With a wide range of health-conscious options on offer, Boehringer Ingelheim makes it easy for employees to do something for their health – and with great success.


Yoga in your lunchbreak? Taijiquan, weight training or running after work? Boehringer Ingelheim has a lot to offer if you want to do something for your personal health. A health centre called "BI bewegt" (BI gets you moving) has even been set up for employees at the Ingelheim site. The idea behind it is as follows: if you train close to your place of work at finishing time, you no longer have the problem of getting yourself to do it once you're at home. The fact the health centre logged 15,800 appointments in its first year shows that this thinking can't be too far off the mark.

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On the one hand, "BI bewegt" offers sports courses with professional trainers, and on the other hand it is closely linked to the company's medical service.

This makes it possible to work on particular health issues – for example musculoskeletal problems or an increased cardiovascular risk. The health team has all the specialist knowledge needed. It ranges from sports science via sport therapy, physiotherapy and relaxation up to aerobic training.

But you can also simply use the health centre for having fun with work colleagues and trying out new types of sport, including the latest trends such as slacklining. If you want to try out the slightly elasticated slackline, you'll not only be training a wide range of muscles but also your sense of balance and co-ordination as well as your concentration. Even good old circuit training is back in favour – as a workout that challenges all muscle groups, one after the other. That's at least as good for stamina as it is for your figure. Dragon boat training offers movement and lots of fun. And then there's the classics: yoga, Qigong, ski gymnastics and lots more besides.
In any case, the health centre helps Boehringer Ingelheim's employees feel good: 80% of users said their health had improved as a result, and 60% even said that training had improved their quality of life and performance.
The staff restaurant is also working to improve employees' health and quality of life. The "FitBI" menu, for example, which has a maximum 700 calories, was developed with the Centre for Occupational Medicine and the Medical Service. Anyone opting for the menu can be sure of a balanced meal that's high in vitamins and low in calories. It features lots of vegetables and low-fat proteins such as fish and chicken, and only a few carbohydrates. There's a vegetarian dish once a week.
We believe that everyone – both the company and its employees – benefits from these many small steps towards holistic health management at Boehringer Ingelheim. We also find it only logical that a researching pharmaceutical company working for health also promotes the health of its own workforce.
However, we're also curious to find out what our readers themselves do to keep themselves fit for everyday working life. So why not write to us and tell us? We're always happy to receive topical suggestions, tips and questions.

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