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30 May 2018
Jacqueline Berlin

Open House at Boehringer Ingelheim

Last Saturday, Boehringer Ingelheim opened the gates to welcome visitors to its factory in Ingelheim. Between 10 am and 4 pm, nearly 13,500 people entered the plant to take a look at its various business areas. As a special feature, this year the open house coincided with an Information Day for Apprentices as well as Diversity Day.

“Health for People and Animals” was the slogan for the annual Open Factory Day at the Ingelheim site, which this year coincided with an Information Day for Apprentices as well as Diversity Day. In addition to various tours and presentations, booths for the individual business areas offered opportunities for hands-on activities.


“Interacting with young people, learning about their interests and what they want from an apprenticeship or a dual studies program, help us advance as a company,” explained Stefan Hüppe, Head of Training and Staff Development for Germany. “The open house, which coincided with an Information Day for Apprentices, offered an ideal opportunity for this. We were able to get potential new trainees excited about our training programs and signed up about 150 people for trial placements.” As Boehringer Ingelheim gave interested visitors an overview of the various training programs and dual studies programs, current apprentices spoke about their experiences and answered questions. A professional photographer was available to take photos for potential applicants on the spot.


The main attraction for all visitors on this occasion was an exhibit on holography in the pharmaceutical industry. Interested individuals could don special glasses that link 3D projections with the real world and obtain information about the application and use of digital technologies in the pharmaceutical world. Just a few booths away, a 360° viewer and a heart attack simulator allowed visitors to experience the world from the standpoint of a heart attack patient. The pulmonary fibrosis mobile app offered visitors an opportunity to test their own lung function, while a cardiovascular game let them measure their own body mass index. A heart attack bus provided information about the causes, risk factors and care options for a heart attack–and visitors could measure their own blood sugar levels.


The third event was a Diversity Day that gave visitors a look at the company’s strengths in this area. A special show entertained visitors while highlighting the importance of diversity within the company and in everyday life as well as the factors required to achieve diversity. Other attractions: a crash course in sign language, a wheelchair challenge course, and a “three minutes of blindness” activity in which participants had to feel their way through an obstacle course.


“We as a company need and want to understand the diversity of our customers, our markets, and our employees so that we can meet their various needs,” explains Birgit Giokalas, Head of Diversity & Inclusion at Boehringer Ingelheim. “A culture of openness and respect, with the recognition and promotion of diverse thoughts and ideas, yields clear advantages for all our employees, as well as a competitive advantage for us as a company. Diversity and an inclusive culture promote innovation and growth.”


Also on display during the open house were Boehringer Ingelheim social initiatives such as Making More Health, a global initiative whose goal is to develop sustainable solutions for societal challenges, and the Boehringer Ingelheim Foundations, whose activities include supporting doctoral candidates in basic biomedical research. Another exhibit highlighted the company’s social responsibility with regard to occupational safety.

"The open house offered an ideal opportunity for interacting with young people!, says Stefan Hueppe, Head of Training and Staff Development for Germany "
Jacqueline Berlin

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