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01 December 2015
Wolfram Berndt

The new career blog. Wolfram Berndt gets the ball rolling

Welcome to our career blog - with a contribution from the Head of Talent Management Germany


A warm welcome to the new Boehringer Ingelheim career blog. It's great that you're here. Firstly, I'd just like to say: this is not my own, regular blog. But I’m especially pleased to make the first entry in the new career blog. After all, it deals with a topic that is very important to me: working at Boehringer Ingelheim.


Boehringer Ingelheim is not just one of the 20 largest pharmaceutical companies in the world: it is also the largest family-based pharmaceutical company. It was founded in 1885 by Albert Boehringer. The owners have successfully steered the company through highs and lows of history. At the same time, the company's outstanding success is down to its outstanding employees. This is why we have a particular interest in the people who work here. 

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It's a place where committed employees write for people who are interested in this special company's work and who have a lot to tell.

We work with around 47,700 colleagues around the world. We conduct research in the most exciting areas of medicine and develop innovative techniques in the production of drugs, which of course leads to no end of interesting stories for this blog. These stories are worth telling because they give a good idea of what it means to belong to a global family. Whoever knows the history and the stories behind this company, will better understand how the Boehringer family represents a source of energy for Boehringer Ingelheim and how the company has grown in 125 years from 28 employees when it was founded by Albert Boehringer to 47,700 employees today.


What else is in our blog? Here's a brief preview: Insights into drug research, development and production as well as information about the people involved. Contributions on trends and new technologies in the industry and our company. Data and facts about Boehringer Ingelheim. Practical tips and tricks on how to successfully apply to Boehringer Ingelheim.


And just as important: the contributions to this blog by our trainees – part of the next generation of the company. Because the Boehringer Ingelheim trainee site will become part of our career blog. Each year, around 250 young people start their training here and take their first steps into the working life. So if you want to know more about the world of Boehringer Ingelheim, or are thinking about joining the company at some point, simply follow the blog. And above all, write to us and tell us what you expect from our blog and what we should talk about. On that note, I'll hand over to the career bloggers and wish you lots of fun exploring the career blog.

"The outstanding success of the company is down to outstanding employees. "
Wolfram Berndt

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