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05 January 2017
Jacqueline Berlin

Have a break!

Looking back, can you still remember how eagerly you looked forward to hearing the school bell ring as a child? Was there anything in the world better than regularly escaping from the uncomfortable wooden chair and the teacher's eagle eye, at least for ten minutes? To this very day, we all enjoy breaks – however, our relationship with them seems to change as we reach adulthood; breaks are now postponed, shortened, or simply not taken. After all, there's always an email to write and a telephone call to make. However, little interruptions to our work are important, not least of all for our health. A guest post from Parvis Heidari.

Regular breaks are important in day-to-day work. They help employees to remain productive. Anyone who is constantly "on the go" overexerts their body and mind. It is no longer possible to concentrate properly, and the risk of illness even increases in the long run.


For this reason, Boehringer Ingelheim would like to actively and specifically invite its employees to take individual, relaxing breaks. This includes a varied offering of snacks and lunches, as well as an attractively designed campus; employees can simply enjoy an ice cream in the sun, take a walk along the Selz in Ingelheim, or go a stroll in the small herb garden – and leave work behind for a moment.


Other employees decide to exercise during their lunch break and go for a ride on their bicycles or work out in the health centre. For those who just can't relax, trainers are there to help. Yoga, meditation, and Qigong classes are offered throughout the day on the company site.



Ten rules for a relaxing break


1. Consciously relax

It is important to consciously take time for relaxation by interrupting work activities.


2. Take regular short breaks

Frequent short breaks are more relaxing than rare long ones, since they prevent tiredness. After longer breaks, it's harder to get back to work.


3. Monitor your performance curve

If you listen to your body, it's easier to prevent overwork.


4. Plan breaks

Planned breaks structure the work day. It prevents breaks from being completely forgotten.


5. Find balance

During your breaks, you should do something different from work.


6. Be active

A walk in the fresh air or some stretching and limbering-up exercise activate the circulation and attenuate the consequences of monotonous movement.


7. Unwind

Use some relaxation exercises, such as breathing relaxation, progressive muscle relaxation, yoga, or a short midday power nap, in order to find some calm during your stressful everyday work life and to recharge your batteries.


8. Eat healthy

Eat a varied diet and drink enough water. The intake should be adjusted to the respective activity.


9. Leave your work station

New impressions help to disconnect and clear the head.


10. Keep in touch

Conversations with colleagues bring new ideas and promote a positive work atmosphere.

"Anyone who is constantly "on the go" overexerts their body and mind. "
Jacqueline Berlin

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Wholehearted agree, a short walk during the day is a great way to clear your mind and and activate the body. I love a good walk & talk meeting, it helps bring creative thinking to the fore.

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