BI CUBE Open Day
16 January 2019
Michael Eppelmann

Experiencing Agile Methods

The BI CUBE has already been open for a while now in Ingelheim. Through the CUBE's glass walls, you can see people gathering around notice boards, engaging in lively discussions, drafting prototypes – in short, working with agile methods. The BI CUBE Open Day provided an ideal opportunity for our employees to try out these methods.

On January 16, the BI CUBE opened its doors. Inside, high ceilings and a cozy lounge atmosphere allow to unleash one’s imagination, while cube-shaped cushions help create the right mood for lively group discussions. Writeable walls are ready to be scribbled full with ideas, and all Boehringer Ingelheim employees have been warmly invited to do so during the Open Day event.


Getting to Know Agile

The extraordinary new building offers substantial benefits: agile working methods enable us to respond to the challenges of today's uncertain world. Thanks to user centricity, interdisciplinary cooperation and short project cycles, agile methods are especially suited to quickly develop the innovations that users really need. If you want to test agile working in your own project, you will find inspiration and support in the BI CUBE. Specially trained Agile Facilitators introduce agile methods in trainings and workshops and assist teams during projects.

All registered employees could explore the widespread agile methods Design Thinking and Scrum in nine workshops during a fast-track, two-hour session with concrete examples. Both methods are user-oriented and make sure ideas quickly yield validatable results. “With events in the BI CUBE like the Open Day we want to start a movement,” says organizer Ralf Schnall. “We hope that as many employees as possible become part of the transformation of Boehringer Ingelheim towards an increasingly agile company.” Further events like interdisciplinary guest lectures and workshops have already been planned.

"With events in the BI CUBE like the Open Day we want to start a movement, says Ralf Schnall. "
Michael Eppelmann
Watch this video to find out what Dr. Andreas Neumann, member of the Board of Managing Directors with responsibility for Human Resources, thinks about the BI CUBE.

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