I am from Pakistan. I have degree of Pharm-D. I came to Austria-Vienna for MSc EU Regulatory Affairs from Danube University Krems. As I am from under developing country and over there eCTD submission format is not came into implementation in Regulatory Affairs field yet. I need paid Internship to learn about eCTD submission by practicing it while my Internship. I got two job offers from Germany, they liked my previous experience of 3.5 years in Regulatory Affairs field but when they ask about eCTD submission knowledge, then I couldn't satisfy their requirement and couldn't acquire those jobs. To establish my career in Europe, It is important to get experience of eCTD submission. Boehringer Ingelheim is just 53min away from my place in Vienna, Kindly on minimum pay allow me to get Internship in Regulatory Affairs field. It will be great help in establishing my career. Please help me in this matter. I'll be grateful to you-Thank you. Best regards
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Jacqueline Berlin, Talent Acquisition Specialist
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Jacqueline Berlin, Talent Acquisition Specialist
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