Dear Gracella, it makes me really happy that you feel encouraged to apply. Yes, I know it’s not easy to find out if your own experiences, skills and capabilities are sufficient for the vacant position. In my opinion, the higher a skill is mentioned in the job requirement list, the more important it is. For instance, if someonesearch for a PhD, it is not sufficient that the applicant has a master’s or bachelor’s degree. If the vacant position requires professional experience in a certain field you should have experience in that field, even if the length of that experience does not match the job posting exactly. Please also consider the wording, if you see “preferable”, “desirable” or “advantageous” then it would be a plus and it’s not a must. On the other hand, if you spot expressions like “… is a must”, “extensive experience in…” then you should take them literally. Most importantly, you should ask yourself if you can see yourself doing the job as described in the “your responsibility” section. Would you enjoy this role? If the answer is yes, then I would recommend applying for the job. All the best, Jana
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"We hear quite often the expression “think out of the box”, but what we need before, is to be in the box for a while to able to think out of it, says Mike Kleemann. "
Jacqueline Berlin, Talent Acquisition Specialist
"ENGAGE Women’s Leadership program isn’t individual but collective which increased its power multiple folds, says Meenal Gauri. "
Jacqueline Berlin, Talent Acquisition Specialist
"In school I was punished because I could not read and write – nobody knew about my strong myopia because of my albinism, says Jane Waithera. "
Jacqueline Berlin, Talent Acquisition Specialist
"Intellect is not everything; the heart is important, too. The brain alone does not bring us closer to one another, Ernst Boehringer believed.   "
Jacqueline Berlin, Talent Acquisition Specialist
"The variety of professional and personal perspectives inspires me every day!, says Anne-Madeleine Kleinwächter. "
Sarah Pfeffer
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