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This is Boehringer Ingelheim's career blog.


Why a separate career blog? We believe that people who are interested in Boehringer Ingelheim as an employer are not just interested in information and facts about the company but also want a somewhat more personal view. They want to know what it looks like inside the company, what it feels like to work here and what employees say about their life in the company. These are exactly the topics we want to include in our blog as they show that Boehringer Ingelheim is a family business with staff who enjoy working for the company.



We look forward to each comment and discussion. Even though blogs exist in the virtual world, there are real people behind every contribution. We therefore ask you to observe the following general rules:Treat other users as you would like to be treated. Others have the same right to their opinion as you do to yours. Insults, personal attacks, sexual innuendos as well as sexist, racist and otherwise discriminatory remarks are forbidden. Express yourself in a comprehensible manner and get to the point. Write your comments in German or English so that as many people as possible can take part in the discussion. We reserve the right to delete comments and to block further comments from particular IP addresses, but only in the following cases:


There's no place for commercial advertising on this blog and this applies to websites, services and products. The blog is a platform for discussion and exchange.

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This blog is about working at Boehringer Ingelheim – and therefore about people.

Inciting violence against people and institutions

Boehringer Ingelheim is a company with high ethical standards which naturally forbids this kind of incitement.

Infringing third-party rights, particularly copyright.

The blog is not above the law. Please ensure you comply with existing legislation.

Posting political and religious messages

As a company, Boehringer Ingelheim respects diversity and differences in opinions, views and cultures. This also applies to this blog.

Sexist, racist or discriminatory remarks and/or insults.

Boehringer Ingelheim's corporate culture is based on respect and tolerance. This also applies to this blog.

Insults and demonstrably false statements

We would like to show appreciation for our employees and for all users of our blog. This includes also to treat each other with respect. We are committed to truthfulness and transparency also in our career blog.
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"I can develop new methods, improve existing ones, and do some detective work in looking for the solutions, says Dr Caterina Giorno. "
Jacqueline Berlin, Talent Acquisition Specialist
"I feel truly cared for by the company and by all of my colleagues, says Xiang Li. "
Jacqueline Berlin, Talent Acquisition Specialist
"Our goal is to help patients by providing innovative, forward-looking solutions, says Daniel Hach. "
Jacqueline Berlin, Talent Acquisition Specialist
"We promote an inclusive culture which accepts people’s experience and capabilities regardless of background, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation or generation, says Marc Hasson. "
Jacqueline Berlin, Talent Acquisition Specialist
"I started working with Boehringer Ingelheim, because, it has a vision!, says Panos Dimopoulos. "
Jacqueline Berlin, Talent Acquisition Specialist
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