Entry Level Stories

  • Martin Winter, Scientist, Drug Discovery Sciences, Innovation Unit

    Martin joined as a scientist ready to translate innovative ideas into technologies that matter for patients. Watch his story here.

  • Mona Löffler, Post Doc Cardiometabolic Diseases, Innovation Unit

    Mona champions working in interdisciplinary teams, pushing boundaries, applying radical ideas and cutting-edge technologies. Learn more about Mona’s experience here.

  • Stephanie Trentmann, Trainee, Biopharma

    Stephanie explains how joining a start-up culture facilitates a deep learning experience through the entire value chain of the Biopharmaceuticals Unit. Find out about Stephanie’s journey here.

  • Matthias Thiele, Trainee Biopharma, Focused Factory Drug Substance, Biopharma­ceuticals

    Matthias completed his PhD and had lots of questions when he started in big pharma. Take a look at the answers, advice and support he received.