"Our employees are our core enablers, who drive operational excellence, innovation and live our cultural values. ‚ÄčThis makes us a trusted partner for our customers - our patients."

Andrea Rothmaler , Site Head , Biopharmaceuticals BU Germany

From DNA to Fill & Finish. We deliver world-class biopharmaceuticals for our internal and external customers and patients within our global network. A united team, we are perceived as one family working together in a truly inspiring environment. Together with our colleagues and customers, we develop and deliver cutting edge processes at one of the largest European site for biopharmaceuticals. With more than 2,000 dedicated people, we are the trusted partner for 15 of the 20 largest pharmaceutical companies. In an inspiring environment we have grown and developed for over 35 years. We constantly push the envelope of biopharmaceutical innovation and with our collective effort we will continue to improve the life of patients.