"In Ulm, um Ulm und um Ulm herum."

A well-known German tongue twister , The city of Ulm

Ulm, with a city vibe, is a short 20-30 minute drive north of Biberach. Located on the Danube river, Ulm embraces technology and science, built on its long tradition of inventors and intrapreneurs. With around 125,000 residents from 140 nations, Ulm has a substantial size and cultural breadth, allowing newcomers to dive in and feel at home. The city offers a host of theaters, museums, clubs and concerts, a rich restaurant and pub scene, buzzing shopping opportunities, and the highest church tower in the world. Historically, the Danube connected Ulm to our European neighbours, a journey which took weeks. Today Ulm is just 5 hours from Milan, Paris and Cologne. And for the rest of world, Munich airport is only 2 hours away.